Welcome to the official page of the USA in Russia: 2017 program at the University of South Alabama. This site is meant to keep track of the activities in which students on the program take part. Posts will be made by both students and faculty.

To learn more about our Russian language program at the University of South Alabama, please click here or contact Dr. Nick Gossett at ngossett@southalabama.edu.

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About the USA in Russia 2017 program

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Blog Posts

Week 1: First Impressions of Moscow

Student Blog Post 1: Nick Robert on Dr. Kozelsky’s Visit

Student Blog Post 2: Jance Mosley on Visiting the Red Square and St. Basil’s

Student Blog Post 3: Skyler Hill on the Moscow Zoo

Student Blog Post 4: Caleb Quave on the Cosmonaut Museum

Student Blog Post 5: Dale Pate on Seminar Courses as HSE

Student Blog Post 6: Edie Zollinger on Visiting English Language Club

Student Blog Post 7: Nick Robert on Visiting the Dacha

Student Blog Post 8: Mimi Walker on Visiting Stalin’s Bunker

Student Thoughts on St. Petersburg 

Student Blog Post 9: Bo Graham on The Kremlin

Student Blog Post 10: Nick Robert on “Babushkas of Chernobyl”

Student Blog Post 11: Bo Graham on Yasnaya Polyana

Student Blog Post 12: The Hermitage by Kiri Camp

Student Blog Post 13: The Siege Museum by Tom Adent